Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Going Back to Curly?

Ok, so you might feel like I can't stop talking about Kerastase products and you're right, I can't! I told you I have naturally curly hair that I have been straightening for the past five years. I have been entertaining the thought of going curly again but I need to be educated again on the curly hair products out there. I asked my hair stylist and he told me about Kerastase Oleo-Curl.

I love the other Oleo-Relax products so I thought I would try it. It's a leave-in "Curl Definition Cream for Thick, Curly Hair." It really softened my hair, defined my curls and left me with less frizzy hair which is a huge problem for me. I liked how healthy my hair felt. Am I ready to go back to curly hair? Eh, not yet but the idea is growing on me.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dove Deodorant for Less Underarm Hair

Per my previous post, you know that I'm currently obsessed with Dove Deodorant. I've been trying the different scents that they offer and am loving their products. Now look at what they have done!

They have created a new product called Dove® Visibly Smooth anti-perspirant/deodorant that is said to have natural extracts that makes new hair grow in finer, making it less noticeable. It also makes the hair softer, so easier to shave. It's available in two different scents: Wild Rose and Natural Fresh. Don't you love the packaging too?

I've been using the Wild Rose for a couple of weeks now. I'm a daily shaver so I am waiting to go a couple of days without shaving to see if I can tell the difference. I'll report back once I have used the deodorant for over a month.

If you've been using it, let us know what you think!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Making the Switch to Dove Deodorant

I never thought I'd be so picky about my deodorant but I went on a quest for a new brand a couple of years ago when I would come home at the end of the day and smell funky. Gross, right? The baby powder fresh scent is pretty darn disgusting after a full day at work and time at the gym. Believe me, I wasn't so "fresh" smelling. So I decided to try Dove. I used their soap so maybe I'd like their deodorant?

I tried their Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Scent deodorant. It was part of their "Cool Essentials" line and promised me 24-hour protection from odor and wetness. I wasn't completely sold because, really, don't they all say that? Tried it and I did not smell at the end of my work day and even after some intense workouts, I still smelled good!

My latest obsession is Dove's Energizing Grapefruit and Lemongrass Scent. It smells even better than the green tea version. Now it's my new favorite.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tip for a Perfect Blowout: Kerastase Ciment Thermique

In the past 10 years, I've tried every relaxer and straightener. I've even spent a ton of money on permanently straightening my hair with the Japanese straightening process, Yuko and most recently the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Needless to say, my hair is dry and damaged but I refuse to give up my straight hair. One of the few products that has really protected my hair, kept it silky and minimized split ends is Kerastase's CIMENT THERMIQUE. It uses a Vita-Topseal that protects and reinforces external layer.

This is a great product if you're worried about using heat-styling tools on your already damaged hair. Just apply a quarter-sized amount (sometimes I use two) to wet hair and don't rinse. I start underneath the back of my head and focus on the ends of my hair. Since I need double duty on my damaged hair, I use it with the Oleo-Relax serum I talked about in a previous post. I blow dry, flat iron and my hair is silky smooth. A crucial product for the perfect blowout. It's worth the $34 and is one of the best smelling hair products I own.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

O.P.I. and Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ

I've always been able to get away with not getting pedicures. I have been painting my own toenails for years and people always ask, "Oh, where did you get your pedicure?" Don't get me wrong, I would love to be pampered and get a foot rub but I don't always have the patience or the time to sit and wait for the polish to dry.

I'd like to take all the credit but I believe it's all about the nail polish you use. I've been using O.P.I. nail polish. I vary between a couple of colors but mostly stick to some classic colors such as: Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ and Kennebunk Port.

I ran a 30 hour relay race last weekend which wrecked havoc on my feet. But somehow it still looks like I just got a pedicure. I was too exhausted to notice but the boyfriend noticed and my toes were nowhere near a football game or a case of beer. Need I say more?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Magic of Kerastase

My hair stylist introduced me to Kerastase products 5 years ago and I've been hooked ever since. I have very thick, curly, dry and frizzy hair. As anyone with crazy hair like mine can tell you, the search for a product that can tame the frizzies and the volume is never-ending. Kerastase Nutritive Serum Oléo-Relax calms dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair. It has essential oils that relax my hair and leaves it smooth and shiny.

I use it on my hair when it’s wet and dry. I use two pumps before I blow-dry and flatiron to help protect it from any damage from the heat. I use one pump after to give it a little bit more moisture and smooth the flyaways. It's a bit pricey but completely worth it - one bottle lasts me over 6 months and I have a ton of hair!

The Perfect Blush?

Guest blog by Lois Arbogast

Every girl deserves a beauty product splurge every once in a while...and Chanel blush is definitely mine.

I don't usually spend $45 on make-up, but this is an exception. I love the quilted pattern on this blush and the little velvet bag it comes in. I know, I know. I'm a sucker for the luxury marketing scheme, but it's so worth it!

I've had mine for just more than eight months and I use it almost every day and still have a lot left. The colors they have are classic, so you can use them with everything.

Editor's note: This blush is perfect for getting the Ashley Greene look we described yesterday. Of course, if you have the Ultimate Blockbuster, the blushes in there work, too.