Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lancome Oscillation Mascara

I love mascara. I love how, with one coat, it dramatically changes your eyes. I love that, even if you haven't had eight hours of sleep, a good mascara can help you look well rested.

That's why I always try the latest and greatest mascara.

So when I read about the new Lancome oscillating mascara, I had to try it.

It has a battery-operated wand and it's said to remove the back and forth movement of your wrist while applying mascara.

Wrong! Let's start with the battery-operated button. You have to hold it down while you apply the mascara; there isn't an on/off switch. Not only is it awkward, you tend to get just as much mascara on your face as you do on your eyelashes.

Now let's talk about the mascara itself. It does not open your eyes. It does not remarkably separate. It does not multiply your lashes.

I give the Lancome Oscillation mascara a big thumbs down. Save your $34 for eight Starbucks grande lattes.


  1. I use Lancome Defincils and have for ever. It is the best and it is their top selling product (one is sold every five seconds!) I just purchased a blue color because black can tend to make my eyes heavier. I love love love it! It also lasts longer than store bought.

  2. Dior Show is the only way to go.

  3. So I got the oscillating mascara for Christmas (partly as a joke fom my sister because it made us laugh when we heard about it, but also partly because I rarely leave the house without putting it on). I agree that it's a little awkward to keep the button held down, but I got fewer clumps than normal and my eyes do look more dramatic. I think I like it!