Sunday, May 17, 2009

Making the Switch to Dove Deodorant

I never thought I'd be so picky about my deodorant but I went on a quest for a new brand a couple of years ago when I would come home at the end of the day and smell funky. Gross, right? The baby powder fresh scent is pretty darn disgusting after a full day at work and time at the gym. Believe me, I wasn't so "fresh" smelling. So I decided to try Dove. I used their soap so maybe I'd like their deodorant?

I tried their Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Scent deodorant. It was part of their "Cool Essentials" line and promised me 24-hour protection from odor and wetness. I wasn't completely sold because, really, don't they all say that? Tried it and I did not smell at the end of my work day and even after some intense workouts, I still smelled good!

My latest obsession is Dove's Energizing Grapefruit and Lemongrass Scent. It smells even better than the green tea version. Now it's my new favorite.


  1. I love their deodorants too!

  2. Like many women, I have a bit of paranoia about sweating. Secret clinical is a godsend, put it on at night, it stays on! You can even shower in the morning and you're covered. It's a bit more expensive than most deodorants but for those of us with underarm insecurities - totally worth it.

  3. Love this stuff!

    Lauren from ChickAdvisor