Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Swear I'm Over Jo Malone After This Post!

Apparently Jo Malone has beauty products for everyone!

When I posted the link to the hand cream blog to my Facebook items, my friend Cory commented and said...

Jo Malone has amazing men's fragrance too! Seriously, the "Fig" scent is what I wore all through college and got numerous compliments on it! It's awesome because it's a lower alcohol content (I have sensitive skin) and the scent notes are different and people notice it. It's the "Wild Fig & Cassis" cologne. It smells "old man-ish" when you first experience it, but then you notice the subtle notes and it become like an addiction! I bought it back in London and when i came state-side everyone wants to know why I smell so nice!!!

So now you have gifts to buy your men, too!

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