Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jo Malone

How many of you have Jo Malone among your beauty product staples? If you don't, you should.

I was introduced to her perfume by a friend who said, "I think you would like Jo Malone. Check it." So I did.

The thing I like about the perfume is there is something for everyone. There are spicy, citrus, fruity, light green floral, floral, and woody scents. Among the scented groups are another 20 "flavors."

My favorite is nectarine blossom and honey, which I wear almost daily. It comes in both a 30 ml and a 100 ml. The 30 ml is small enough to fit in your Ziploc bag while you travel.

The best part, though? You can mix scents for something that is all your own. And if you happen upon a store that sells it (I've only ever seen it at Sak's and at the Jo Malone store at the Wynn in Vegas), they will give you lots of little samples to try mixing at home.

One more thing...@angelica7641 says the hand cream is to die for, as well.

Jo Malone. Check it!


  1. The also sell it at Nordstrom's (most of them). And yes, the little samples are the greatest - they'll give you 3 at a time :)

  2. Love love LOVE the hand cream! I bought it as a Christmas present for myself and it's absolutely scrumptious. I don't know what's in there, but I do know it's magic for your hands.

  3. Wow! The D.C. contingent also loves Jo Malone!

    I didn't know Nordstroms has it. Thanks!!

  4. Lime Basil and Mandarin... mmmmm. And Grapefruit. Both of those are among my regular rotation!