Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Benfit Tinted Moisturizer

I love Benefit You Rebel, their tinted moisturizer. It's really dark so it works well in the summertime, but it doesn't work during the winter (unless you live somewhere that is sunny all year long).

So I was really excited when they introduced You Rebel Lite.

I actually mix some with my normal moisturizer (because I have really dry skin) and it works as double duty - a moisturizer with SPF and it evens out my skin tone. I don't wear anything else, including foundation or powder. Plus the color is light enough for every day use, which is not the case with their regular You Rebel.

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  1. You should try this: http://www.glamour.com/beauty/blogs/girls-in-the-beauty-department/2009/01/a-fivesecond-cure-for-the-wint.html
    I'm really interested to see how it looks and if its easy to apply.