Sunday, January 11, 2009

Smoky Eyes

I love the look of smoky eyes, but I would never take the time to do it as the pros do it. I am not, after all, Keira Knightley. Plus if I spend more than three minutes on my make-up every day, there is something wrong.

I've found a way to create that smoky look without the time commitment.

1. Apply concealer or Benefit Eye Bright to your lash line and curl your eyelashes. I like the shu uemura 24k gold eyelash curler.

2. Using a tapered brow brush and your Ultimate Blockbuster, trace your upper lid with either gray or black. Do this dry, not wet. Then smudge the line with your finger.

3. Clean the brush (I use baby wipes) and press a gunmetal or silver shade into the lower lash line.

4. With a small eyeshadow brush, dab the same gunmetal or silver shade into the corners of your eyes.

5. Swipe a quick dab of powder on your upper eyelids so everything stays put.

This is where I stop if it's just for day. I apply two coats of mascara and then I'm done.

If I'm going out, I continue without the mascara (yet)...

6. Using a medium-sized domed brush, apply inky powder to the crease of your eye and then blend it downward.

Then I pile on the mascara and go with nude or nearly nude lips.

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