Friday, April 24, 2009

Does BareMinerals Provide Flawless Coverage?

Guest blog written by @CandiceStone

What's not to like about make-up so pure you can sleep in it! But seriously, being able to sleep in it is not one of my key requirements of a beauty product (editor's note - it is one of mine!).

What IS important to me is a product naturally free of the dreaded chemicals everyone is trying to avoid these days and the ability to reduce the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles.

I have been using Revlon's New Complexion One-Step Compact Make-Up with SPF 15 for about 20 years, but as I approach 40, I have been finding that it emphasizes the age lines appearing around my eyes and mouth. It also doesn't hide my uneven skin tone and a couple of age spots.

A friend recommended I try BareMinerals because it is 100% naturally made with crushed minerals from the earth.

After a trip to ULTA in La Jolla to pick up the BareMinerals Starter Kit, I tried it and have to say that the "flawless coverage" they promise it pretty close to actually being flawless. Best of all, it really does feel like you are not wearing any make-up at all and I don't end the day with skin-toned fingerprints on everything I've touched that day.


  1. I received a BareMinerals starter kit as a present for my birthday a few years back. My future mother-in-law swears by it and thought I would like it. It was one of the best presents she has ever given me.

    Yes, I am sometimes lazy and don't wash my face before bed, but I know it's not the end of the world if I'm using BareMinerals.

  2. My sister, my best friend and my colleague all swear by I had to try it. I was really disappointed! I love makeup that looks light and natural while still taking away shine. This definitely was not the right option for me. I actually had people commenting on my makeup because it looked like I was wearing a LOT of makeup. So not me. Anyway, lots of people love it, I'm just not one of them.

  3. I tried it when it first came out, but I only tried their eye shadows. Let me tell you that when you drop that on your bathroom floor, you have BareMinerals for life. I'm not responsible enough to use the products!

  4. By the way Lois--if you're visiting back to this page: I had the same issue when I first tried Bare Minerals because the rep who showed me how to apply it did so too generously. I followed her technique, but over time, reduced my coverage (I use the medium brush - not the thick one) and most people don't think I wear makeup . It's all about light overall coverage, filled in with that tiny brush for spots.