Monday, April 20, 2009

A Wise Investment: A Mason Pearson Brush

Back in the day, when I was working with Purebeauty, they introduced me to the Mason Pearson brush. Since then, I've coveted one, but never wanted to spend the money on it... hoping, instead, I would receive it as a gift.

Five years went by and I still hadn't received the beautiful handmade brush as a I gifted it to myself.

I'll be honest, I spent three or four months trying to figure out what the big deal is. I have really thick hair, but each strand is fine. So it's hard to find brushes that get my hair to cooperate, let alone get the tangles out.

But then...the big deal was revealed. This brush is an investment and worth every single penny that it costs. It makes my hair glossy, it does get out the tangles, and, oh, it makes my hair shiny...without product.

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