Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aquaphor: Multi-Purpose

In the April issue of InStyle, there is a section on the 10 ways to wake up beautiful. We're going to try all 10 ways and report back on our findings.

The first one we've tried is actually number four on the list: Save money, not wrinkles. They say...

At night you don't need to worry about eye treatments smearing your make-up, so slather on the richest formula you can find. Aquaphor conditions the lashes and hydrates the delicate eye skin really well.

I started using Aquaphor about eight years ago when I ran my first marathon. I used it to prevent chafing in the places you don't want chafing, but also on my lips because they dry out really quickly during any kind of outdoor exercise.

Then I realized it had more uses when I burned myself on a hot pan and it soothed the searing feeling. It also is great for cuts and scrapes and any kind of dry skin.

So I tried it on my eyes (which also means I am now washing my face at night). It is WONDERFUL! You definitely don't want to wear it during the day, but to sleep in? InStyle is right. It's one way to wake up beautiful.

You can get it at the drugstore, it's cheap, and it comes in a variety of sizes. I have the tub in my bathroom, I carry a tube in my purse, and I have a lipgloss-sized tube for my lips.


  1. Aquaphor is a wonder ointment - its funny Gini that you were introduced it while running - me too! I think its funny that they are a sponsor for runners. Its like saying, "Yeah, I chafe - so what of it!" Anyway - I use the "original oinment" , the "redness relief ointment" and the "sensitive skin"body lotion. I have several of their products not only b/c I'm thrifty but mostly b/c they work. Thanks for the post.

  2. I had no idea it had so many uses - I've been using it on my lips, but will slap some on my eyes tonight. Thanks for the tip!