Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two Ways to Wake Up Beautiful

I'm combining two of the 10 ways InStyle suggests to wake up beautiful because they don't require a beauty product and they're habits you can begin tonight!

Sleep on your back. "Note to Audrey Hepburn fans: Lying on your stomach is bad for beauty sleep. The average head weighs seven to eight pounds - a lot of pressure to be putting on your face every night. In fact, many dermatologists say they can tell what side of the face people sleep on by the number of wrinkles there."

Get a lift. "Sleep with your head elevated on two pillows, or put the headrest area of your bed on two- to four-inch pieces of wood. Gravity helps lymph and blood flow so fluid won't accumulate."

I actually have done both of these pretty much my entire life so I can't tell you if there is some miraculous change once you start, but, hey! It's worth a shot for less wrinkles, right??

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