Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blood Orange and White Pepper

No it's not what I had for brunch today. It's a fairly new beauty product line from Bliss. I originally had a sample of the new scented body butter from Sephora. So when @BlissSpa offered 20% off to her Twitter followers, I thought I'd try it.

I ordered the "bounty" set, which is a sugar scrub, bath and shower gel, and body butter.

They say the scent was inspired by a cocktail their scent specialist sipped. It's an "energizing citrus scent that blends bright blood orange and spicy white pepper with nuances of coriander and white musk."

I like it! Bliss products are all great so if you don't like how this smells, try one of their other scrubs, gels, or butters.


  1. Oh my gosh, these sound so yummy!

  2. I should have brought you a sample. Next time!