Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Love Handler

On Twitter a few days ago @BlissSpa offered a 20% coupon plus a free Love Handler for any beauty products bought online. You know I was all over that!

I received my box the night before last (more to come on what I bought) and I pulled out the Love Handler. I had no idea what this was and now I'm intrigued.

It is a liquid workout for lazy abdominals. I'm not making this up.

It is supposed to stimulate skin surface for improved firmness and contour, whittle your waist, toney tummy pudge, and keep back fat bay.

I'm seriously not making this up.

So I tried it. It feels like lip plumper on my skin. It's smells minty and stays tingly for about an hour. My husband thinks I should try it only on one side of my tummy to see if there truly is a difference. I'm ignoring him and trying it on my full tummy.

They say it takes six weeks to see a difference. Check back here on April 13 for results.

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