Sunday, December 21, 2008

Anti-Frizz Creme

I have always struggled with my hair. I look at girls who have long, straight hair that is gorgeous and all they have to do is let it air dry or run a hair dryer through it, but don't have to blow it out or use a brush, and I'm very, very envious. Not only is my hair super thick and super fine, it has a weird wave in it, but only at the nape of my neck. Nowhere else. It's not like my sister's hair. She got this beautiful hair that has a wave and she can let it air dry and it looks gorgeous. No, I got one weird wave that requires me to either straighten it or use a round brush to blow it out every day.

Well, I haven't been feeling well and have been lazy so yesterday I took the advice of the Fekkai Anti-Frizz Creme sample I have and applied a nickel-sized amount from the roots to the ends, combed it through, and let it air dry.

My hair is so straight! It looks like I have no natural wave at the nape of my neck. It actually looks like it does when my hair dresser's assistant spends 45 minutes blowing it out. And all I did was apply the product and let it air dry!

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