Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Foundation Options

Guest blog written by Jessica Dietrich

So I have been using Bare Minerals make up for more than a year now. I need foundation to cover up the freakish red coloring on my face, but I hate the heavy feeling of liquids. I love, love, love the powder from Bare Minerals. Plus I found that it lasts way longer than liquids...with the liquid foundation, it may last me five hours of my 12 hour work shift. By the time I got off work, I looked like one of the sick patients instead of a healthful nurse.

Anyway the other day I had a real issue...I was totally out of my powder foundation-YIKES! And to make it even better, I am in Columbia (Mo.) and couldn't find any place that sells Bare I had two options, go without any foundation and scare those around me with my naked face, or drag myself out to find a quick replacement until I could get to a Sephora in St. Louis. I chose option two for the sake of all those that had to see me.

So off I went in a rush to my second home, Target, and I grabbed the only thing that looked promising. And at $12.50 a pop I figured the least it could do is get me through the next couple of days without making me look too horrible. So I get home and start getting ready for work, so I drag out the new generic Target makeup and get my surprise IT WAS AWESOME!

It was L'Oreal's new Bare Naturale gently mineral powder foundation....ummm...dare I say I like it better than the Bare Minerals?? It was great coverage, nice and light, lasted all day, and even goes on easier than the other stuff. It's cheaper and you get much more powder than you do with Bare Minerals. It also comes with a brush, so if you don't have one, it's a perk. I know most girls are into buying make up at Sephora, or MAC and all those places but this Target-normal-everyday L'Oreal purchase is WAY worth your time and money to try.

So there you have amazing make-up discovery...enjoy the story for yourself or share it with the world..I'm just happy I look good!


  1. How do you know your color if you buy it in the store?

  2. Well, personally I know my color is always the pastiest of the choices, cause I'm freakishly fair skinned, and I was able to open a sample and compare it to my skin color. Just like the Bare Minerals brands, light, medium, and dark are pretty much your only choices. It blends really well and I use it as a base and put a bronzer on over it.

  3. Gini, this is great to know. Bare Minerals is the only brand I use but I hate going all the way downtown to replenish. I hope L'Oreal makes the finishing powder...