Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fixing Dry Heels

I opened a gift from my mom and it was a pair of pink warm fuzzy socks with packages inside. I put my hand in the first sock and found a small jar of Clearasil pads. I put my hand in the second sock and found a small tub of Vaseline.

I picked up the phone. "Mom, you know I haven't needed Clearasil for 20 years?"

She sighed and told me that she was up late one night and was watching Oprah. They talked about wiping your heels (or any dry part of your body) with a Clearasil pad, applying Vaseline, and putting on socks overnight. She claims, as did Oprah, that she had baby fine heels after one week.
Last night was day one for me. One week from today, check back and I will let you know if this is the magical elixir that means the end of pedicures!

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