Thursday, December 18, 2008

Everything Sounds Better In French

Written by guest blogger, Suzie Bilek

Over the summer, when my boyfriend (now fiance!), went to Toulouse, France on business, I told him, "Bring me something good!"

I pondered what he would actually bring back for me. Maybe a cute scarf or an adorable little trinket. I then quickly thought that I shouldn't set myself up for disappointment and should expect something crappy with a French flag on it.

I was pleasantly surprised when he returned and gave me what I now believe is the best exfoliater ever! The Caudalie Sauvignon Scrub is so lightweight and smells fantastic. It has the right balance to exfoliate without feeling too abrasive. I use it primarily on my face, even though it is for face and body. Sephora carries it so I won't need to fly back and forth to France for my beauty fix (though that would be a good excuse for a vacation).

I guess I should give my guy more credit next time. Who knows what he'll surprise me with next!

Editor's note: Girls, it's only $35. Worth a try!

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